General Information & Policies

Where is the drive-in located, and how do we get there?
Our drive-in is located at:
126 Degarmo Road
(between routes 44 & 55)
Poughkeepsie, NY 12063

You may get directions via Google Maps by clicking here.

Are all dog breeds welcome?
Yes, however they must be leashed at all times and friendly. We do reserve the right to ask anyone whose dog presents a danger to our customers or staff to leave the drive-in. As always, we do ask that if your dog poops, please be courteous and scoop.

Is the admission price per person or per vehicle?
Admission prices are per person.

Can we pay with a credit/debit card?
Yes, credit/debit cards are accepted at the ticket booth and the concession stand.

What age is considered a ‘child’?
Ages 11 and under are considered children. All children ages 5-11 are admitted for $10 per child. All children ages under 5 are admitted free.

Are you open during thunderstorms?
Yes, however if the storm is severe and deemed to be of specific danger, we may close the drive-in for the safety of our customers and our staff. If there are customers in the field when this happens, we will issue a refund. You may call our Ticket Booth after 7:30pm during such weather to be certain.

How do we hear the movies in our vehicle?
We are a radioactive drive-in, therefore you can listen to the movies by tuning your vehicle’s radio to 88.5 FM. A WiFi app is available to stream the audio through equipped devices. In addition, there are speakers inside the Snack Bar so you can hear the movie while purchasing your Snack Bar items.

If my vehicle’s radio does not work, what shall I do?
You may bring in a portable radio of your own, or you may borrow a radio from the Projection Booth. To borrow a radio, you must leave a $20 deposit and a valid driver’s license. Upon returning the radio, you will get your driver’s license and the $20 back.

Can we leave our engine running during the show?
We would like the drive-in experience to be a pleasant one for all of our customers, so it is preferred that your vehicle’s engine remain off during the show for the convenience of those patrons around you. It is understandable if you need to run your engine intermittently during the show for air conditioning, heater, wipers, etc. Please remember to keep your headlights off.

What if our vehicle’s battery dies?
If you turn your engine off, and place your key in the ‘accessory’ position, your vehicle’s battery should not drain. However, if your battery drains, we can assist you in getting your vehicle started.

Can we back our vehicle into the parking space?

Can we leave the hatchback open?
Yes, but please tie the hatchback down so it is level with the roof of your vehicle so anyone parked behind you can see over your hatchback. For your convenience, we offer string to tie down your hatchback if you do not have any with you.

Can we cook on our grill at the drive-in?
No. There are no open flames or cooking devices allowed within the drive-in area. Violators will be asked to leave the premises.

Can we set up chairs and blankets outside of our vehicle?
Yes, but we ask that you place your chairs and/or blankets in front of your vehicle, so that all parking spaces are available for our customers.

Can we get to the drive-in early and save a parking space for our friends that will arrive later?
No, parking spaces cannot be saved for a late arrival. This is to make the parking availabilities fair to all of our customers.

How should we park? Does My Type of Vehicle matter?
Large Trucks, Vans and SUVs must park by the Blue poles. Small SUVs, Minivans and Small Trucks must park by the White poles. Red poles are just for cars.

Can I videotape at the drive-in?
While we encourage families to take photos and videos of their fun times at the drive-in, please be aware that there is absolutely NO videotaping allowed once the movies have begun. Please click here for anti-piracy laws.

Hours, Open/Closed Season, Movie Schedules & Times

When do you open?
Our Ticket Booth opens one hour before the advertised showtime of the first movie.

When does the drive-in open for the season?
Typically we open by mid-April and remain open through mid-September. However, our season depends on the weather (snow, cold temperatures, flooding, etc.) Our website is updated immediately following any decision to open for the season, as well as being updated immediately following any decisions to close for the winter. Therefore, check our websites regularly updated throughout the entire season.

When does the first movie start?
Our first movie showtime is based on the estimated time the sun sets. However, if the sky is not dark enough at the posted showtime, we may start the show 5-10 minutes later. We will NOT start the show prior to the advertised showtime.

How long are the movies?
Movie runtimes vary, however the runtimes are listed on our websites directly beneath the listed showtimes for each movie.

Is there an intermission between the two movies?
Yes. In addition, there is an announcement within the intermission letting you know when the next movie will begin.

What is your upcoming movie schedule?
Movie schedules usually run Friday through Sunday with Premiere Thursdays when noted. We release the movie schedule on the Monday prior or as soon as we know the schedule. Please check our website often for schedule.

Rentals, Group Rates, Advertising, Special Events

Can we rent the drive-in for a private event?
Yes, however the fees are dependent on the time of year, magnitude of the event, and event details. Please email to discuss in detail.

Do you have group rates?
We sell Ticket Books at a discounted rate of $100 for 10 adult tickets. This is a savings of $50. The tickets can be used at Poughkeepsie’s Overlook and they do not expire. For groups larger than 20, please email to discuss other possibilities. If you’re interested in purchasing a discount book, buying an official drive-in tee shirt, or if you would like to advertise on the largest screen in the tri state area, please call us, after 7PM, at (845-452-3912) when someone can take your call in person. We are there on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday.

Do you have other events, besides movies?
We are in the process of booking Special Events throughout the year. Please check back for future events, or if you have an event that you feel would be perfect for our facility, please email us at

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